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Hello, we are Laima & Sven.

Welcome to our island camper shop, your point of contact for individual camper decorations! Inspired by our love of travel and fascination with the beauty of the world, we offer unique RV accessories. As passionate campers from the island of Fehmarn, we share our love of adventure through beautiful decorations that capture the special flair of our camper life.

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Inselcamper: Vom Haus ins Wohnmobil

From the house to the mobile home

After we sold our house in 2021 and moved completely into a motorhome, we traveled Europe, wintered in the south and headed to Sweden in the summer.

Sweden captivated us. Nowhere else had we felt such a sense of freedom and such a connection to nature as in the forests and lakes of Sweden.

For us, camping is not a hobby but an inspiration that has become an addiction.